Web Lightning Talks

Opium? Chropera? A brief introduction to the new Opera on Blink.

This quick talk outlines the why and how Opera desktop and mobile browsers are now using Blink and Chromium. I'll also cover some of the contributions we've made back to both of these projects and show off some proposals for making the web platform stronger.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor works as a Whitespace Strategist for Opera Software, currently spending time in both the Web Standards and Desktop/Tools teams. He lives in Austin Texas with his wife and two boys.

Using Enyo for Chrome Apps

This talk gives a brief look at the Enyo JavaScript framework (http://enyojs.com) and shows how it can be used to make native-quality apps for the Chrome Web Store.

Ben Combee
LG Electronics

Ben Combee is the technical lead for the Enyo JS framework, a cross-platform single-page app development library sponsored by LG Silicon Valley Labs. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and newborn son.

Packaged Apps Starter

Chrome Packaged Apps enable you to build a cross-platform application that can run anywhere Chrome can run (Chrome acts as the run time). In this code lab, you'll learn how to create a starter application from scratch, install it on your laptop (or chromebook), and then take advantage of some of the new API's only available to installed Packaged Apps (as opposed to web apps).

Mike Koss

Mike Koss is an independent software developer and organizer for the Seattle GDG. His main interests are in JavaScript and App Engine application development. He formerly worked at Microsoft developing Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint.