Tech Lightning Talks

Analytics in Hockey

Pro Hockey Vision is helping NHL hockey teams make better player development decisions with their minor league teams. We provide detailed player metrics on players from very young kids all the way up to the elite level. We present the data in both real-time and historical formats so the teams can not only make longer term player development decisions, but also real-time in game decisions about which player to have on the ice for face offs.

Dave Powell
Pro Hockey Vision

Dave has worked with large scale systems and databases all of his career. His focus is on deploying systems that not only meet the customer’s needs, but also perform well at scale on a variety of different architectures and have the reliability to support 24 x 7 operations across the globe. He has supported customers as small as two-person start-ups all the way to the largest global corporations, across all industries. Over the last few years he has added a mobile component as a means for companies to reach out directly to their customers.

Raspberry Pi on Wheels

See what you can create with a Raspberry Pi, remote control car and USB camera. A mobile platform that can be extended for fun and many different uses.

Nathan Price

Nathan Price loves Pi. Not the 3.1415 variety, though that's cool, if you are into that sort of thing. His favorite Pi is the Raspberry kind. And if you spend a few minutes with him, you'll see why.

There's no "I" in coding. Wait... what?

Programming is often stereotyped as a solitary act but I've come to realize that coding is much better approached as a team sport. As the lead frontend developer for, I would like to share a few lessons learned while building a fully-responsive website within a large, Enterprise-loving company.

Pearl Chen
Karma Laboratory

From HTML to LEDs, Android to Arduino – Pearl Chen takes on a cross-disciplinary approach to her work. With over 10 years of professional experience in web technologies, she has a body of work that includes fully responsive websites for TELUS, Facebook campaigns for Google Chrome, and microsites for Nike. She also tackles more unusual projects such as turning payphones into gumball machines, or dynamically creating origami objects from SMS messages.

Pearl currently works independently as both an educator and developer. She enjoys building tools for learning and Pearl's goal is to raise the bar for technology education by using collaborative platforms to help construct open source curriculums, and by creating engaging and effective educational user experiences.

You can find her on Google+ (, Twitter (@PearlChen), or good ol' fashioned email: pearl[at]