NFC: Thinking Creatively Beyond Mobile Payments

Quit waiting for Google Wallet to come to your local retailer, or for the next rumored iPhone with built-in mobile payment to ship — near field communications (NFC) is already here and this technology can be used for much more than waving your phone at the cash register. In this session, discover some unexpected ways that NFC can be utilized on Android phones (and other NFC-enabled devices) that go beyond the checkout line.

Pearl Chen
Karma Laboratory

From HTML to LEDs, Android to Arduino – Pearl Chen takes on a cross-disciplinary approach to her work. With over 10 years of professional experience in web technologies, she has a body of work that includes fully responsive websites for TELUS, Facebook campaigns for Google Chrome, and microsites for Nike. She also tackles more unusual projects such as turning payphones into gumball machines, or dynamically creating origami objects from SMS messages. You can find her on Google+ (, Twitter (@PearlChen), or good ol' fashioned email: pearl[at]