The Human App Instrument

Cutting-edge devices and applications allow users to self-track their daily lives like never before. The routine measurement of fitness levels, sleeping patterns, diet, performance, productivity, and countless other metrics combined with seamless analytical interfaces can provide an individual with a comprehensive personal record of their quantifiable self. Using new wearable technologies and open interfaces, how can we go from the current fragmented and often overly simplistic model of self measurement into a model that synthesizes that disparate data into a more holistic assessment of your behavior?

Marcus Turner
Atomic Axis

Marcus Turner is an accomplished analytical, and technical architect with a successful track record in the planning and delivery of large scale enterprise wide solutions. His background includes the development of critical systems architectures and transformation strategies resulting in increased operational efficiency and dramatic cost reduction. A certified Architect and Project Manager with a proven ability to create realistic expectations, Marcus develops accurate schedules and budgets, allocates resources, resolves critical path issues, provides cross functional team leadership, and delivers results consistently within scope and budget.