Computing the Cosmos: Getting started with Google Compute Engine

In this code lab you will learn how to get started using Google Compute Engine. We will begin with basic tasks, such as starting an instance, installing software and setting up a firewall. Then we will walk through the steps of using Compute Engine instances for processing public astronomical data to generate viewable images. The results of your work will be combined with other code lab participants to create a composite image of a region of outer space containing numerous astronomical objects that we'll explore together.

Marc Cohen

I manage Google's Developer Relations team in Seattle. We help software developers get the most out of the Google Cloud Platform, with a particular emphasis on Compute Engine and Cloud Storage. In a previous life, I helped design and build communication systems at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. When I'm not working, I enjoy indie music and films, writing, teaching, and chess.

Amy Unruh

Amy works in Developer Relations at Google, with a focus on the Google Cloud Platform. She has an academic background, and has also worked at several startups, worked in industrial R&D, done technical training and course development, and has published a book on App Engine. She used to live in Austin, but currently lives in Sydney, Australia.